Swale Awards Winners 2015

Swale Awards Winners 2015

The Club celebrated another successful season at their annual awards presentation evening in November.

Over 80 guests were present to support the club and the athletes that have trained so hard throughout the year.

The Awards winners are listed below. Note that performances are taken into account from October 2014-September 2015. Any competitions in Oct and Nov 2015 are considered for next years awards.

Age Group Awards

Under 11 Boys - James Judges

Under 11 Girls - Amelia Williams

Under 13 Boys - Reece Paine

Under 13 Girls - Isobelle Jackson

Under 15 Boys - Reece Williams

Under 15 Girls - Elise Hinde

Under 17 Girls - Katie Masters

Under 17 Boys - James Butler

Under 20 Women - Katie Scoones

Senior Men - Andrew Scoones

Veteran Men - Mike Farrell

Veteran Women - Vilma Eitautaite-Farrell

Event Group Awards

This year the Club also awarded Runners Up trophies as there were so many great performances we felt needed to be recognised.

Sprints Winner - Jermain Kevill

Runner Up - Reece Paine

Hurdles - Bobbie Cornelius

Runner Up - Keeley Burdge

Distance - Kim Howes

Runner Up - Andrew Scoones

Jumps - Titilola Williams

Runner Up - Elise Hinde

Throws - James Butler

Runner Up - Katie Masters

Sportshall - Geroge Spalding

Runner Up - Reece Williams

Combined Events - Alice English

Runner Up - Bobbie Cornelius

Sportsperson and Athletes of the Year

Sportsman of the Year - James English

Runner Up - Mat Beech

Sportswoman of the Year - Francesca Marshall

Runner Up - Katie Scoones

Athletes Athlete of the Year - Bobbie Cornelius

Male Athlete of the Year - James Butler

Runner Up - Reece Williams

Female Athlete of the Year - Alice English

Runner Up - Katie Masters